quarta-feira, junho 4

I'm not going to the World Cup, I'm looking for more information to help Brazil after this event.

When I tell people I'm from Brazil, everyone ask me about the World Cup. And yeah, I'm aware about the importance of this event, but the world isn't aware about the current situation of my country.

People are surprised when I tell them about the social problems in Brazil. Most of them don't have enough information about the protests that are happing since the last year. They imagine a Brazil with a lot of samba, beautiful women, incredible beaches and football. They don't know about the homeless population, lack of infrastructure in hospitals, difficulty of access to information and, of course, the corruption.

Since I am travelling around the world, I have the opportunity to understand the real situation of the countries I am in. It was amazing to know how most of the population hates to talk about the communism period in Romania, cause I normally identify with left-wing politics. I was really happy yesterday night, when I could see the Egyptian population celebrating with flags and fireworks the election of the new president, after all the fighting during the Arabic Spring.

Now I also want to show the Brazilians’ social problems to the rest of the world. Not because I don't want the World Cup or the Olympic Games in my country, they are not the real issue. The point is that the Brazilian population is unique. Besides all our history of exploration, we keep being the happiest and more contagious nation in the world. And it happens just because we learned how to grow when we are sad. In the words of my Romanian buddy, "Brazilians are full of life!'.


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